Cloud Ridge Naturalists

The marine world, at least beyond the surf zone, is out of sight and out of mind for many people. Our Conservation in Focus voyages—Cloud Ridge’s “classroom afloat”—embody the true spirit of expeditionary discovery. Wherever we travel, we explore the extraordinary beauty and complexity of the natural world, but also learn how global warming and other environmental challenges are impacting the places we all care about. Whether you are interested in conservation issues close to home or in the most remote corners of our changing world, making a difference requires a knowledge of natural history and an understanding of what is at risk. Our trip leaders have dedicated their careers toward portraying the inherent beauty of the natural world as well as the environmental dramas that threaten the fragile fabric of life. If you wish to tell a powerful and compelling story with your images, our staff includes internationally renowned photographers to help you master or refine those skills. Long before cameras became standard field gear, expedition naturalists kept illustrated field journals in which to record their discoveries and observations. Nature photographers and artists continue to play crucial roles in creating a constituency for conservation. Following each voyage, we’ll create a book together—a visual memoir that portrays the essence of place by weaving together the group’s best images as well as our shared experiences exploring the global ocean realm.

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