Cloud Ridge Publishing

Cloud Ridge Publishing (CRP) was launched in 2009 as the nonprofit book publishing arm of Cloud Ridge Naturalists. Our publishing philosophy mirrors our foundational belief that natural history education inspires and promotes environmental advocacy and stewardship. Building a consensus for conservation action worldwide begins with bridging the ever-widening disconnect that exists between our technology-driven lives and the natural world. For Cloud Ridge to be an effective force for change we need to reach out to a broader audience than ever before with a conservation message that resonates across generations.

Submission Guidelines

We publish image-driven nonfiction natural history, with an emphasis on print books and other types of educational visual media for adults and children. Our books focus on two niche areas in conservation publishing: (1) leading-edge global ocean or regional ocean conservation and environmental subjects and (2) marine ecosystems and terrestrial conservation issues related to ocean changes. Book proposal submissions that inspire a science-based conservation ethic and seek to restore a better-informed connection to the natural world remain our top priority. We do not publish textbooks, nature field guides, or ecotourism guidebooks. 

Cloud Ridge Publishing welcomes submissions that include a detailed conceptual vision and description of the book, proposed photographic content, a list of previous books or articles by the author, and examples of writing style for a general readership that balances evocative and science-based narratives. A chapter-by-chapter outline is useful but not required with the initial submission. All submissions must be accompanied by a statement indicating that the lead author has an existing relationship or a potential partnership with a mainstream or university-based publishing house that has a well-established reputation for ethical and sustainable business practices, high-quality printing, and an experienced staff responsible for the marketing and distribution of image-driven books.