Pacific Flyway celebrates the magnificence, complexity and mystery of waterbird migration. Through stunning photography, amazing video footage, and the sounds of migration, you will learn the extraordinary stories of the remarkable birds that convert food, air, and water into a mileage plan that has few equals in the animal world. Join the authors and guest speaker Gerrit Vyn, the internationally renowned wildlife and conservation photographer, for an unforgettable evening “on the wing” along this 10,000-mile long migratory corridor. Pacific Flyway will be available for purchase and signing by the authors at both events. For more info about the book ,visit: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/580320/pacific-flyway-by-audrey-delella-benedict-geoffrey-a-hammerson-and-robert-w-butler/


February 19: Seattle’s Town Hall (located at 1119 8th Ave, with entrance off Seneca St)

Ticket price: $5.00 [Reserve your seat by clicking on the link below]

Reservations Recommended: https://townhallseattle.org/event/pacific-flyway/

Time: Doors open at 6:30 pm and the program begins at 7:30 pm.

Event Sponsors: Sasquatch Books and the International League of Conservation Photographers. 

February 20: Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture (located at 4300 15th Ave NE; the museum is conveniently located on the northwest corner of UW campus between 15th Ave NE and Memorial Way NE)

Ticket price: FREE [Reserve your seat by clicking on the link below]

Reservations Recommended: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pacific-flyway-tickets-90828030083

Time: Museum doors open at 6 pm. Enjoy a complimentary buffet dinner catered by Off the Rez Cafe and tour the all-new museum (also at no charge) before the program begins at 7:30 pm.

Event Sponsors: Sasquatch Books and UW’s Center for Ecosystem Sentinels.

Read the Publisher’s Weekly review of Pacific Flyway below:

Visually stunning and expertly presented, this work from biologist Benedict (The Salish Sea), research zoologist Hammerson, and ornithologist Butler (The Great Blue Heron) spotlights bird migrations along the Pacific coast. In admiring prose, the authors marvel at seagulls, ducks, snow geese, and other “feathered ambassadors” whose “biannual continent-spanning migrations … exemplify the extraordinary connectedness, complexity, and wonder of the natural world.” Delving into the geography and vast distances involved, the authors start by describing the contours of the Pacific Flyway, which extends from the Arctic Ocean and Bering Strait between Russia and Alaska, down the Pacific coasts of both North and South America, to the “northern fringes of Antarctica.” They also highlight migratory stopping points along the way, such as Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, a “large pristine [area] threatened by proposed oil and gas developments,” and Argentina’s Estuario del Río Gallegos, whose “tidal mudflats and marshes annually support large flocks of shorebirds.” The descriptions of these places are paired with plentiful color photographs depicting sky, water, and countless birds. Readers who want to learn about bird migrations will find this volume educational, while those simply in search of escape will find it a stimulating and scenic journey.