Today’s Caption: African penguins at the Boulders Penguin Colony (South Africa).

My “personal” photo memory for the day (admittedly a bit somber) is of a small “procession” of African penguins walking away after visiting the site where a colony member had died of unknown causes. The 4 penguins had approached the dead penguin walking side-by-side, stopping in unison and forming an arc. One by one, each penguin stepped forward and appeared to “bow in homage,” touching the body with their beak. I looked up briefly at my late friend and colleague, Bob Rozinski, who was sitting maybe 20 feet away. We made eye contact and he nodded. The penguins walked away shoulder to shoulder (as you see here) and never seemed disturbed by our presence. One by one they dove into the sea and swam off. I’ll never forget the experience.

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